Can we afford to be independent?

There is a huge amount of evidence to show that Scotland's economy is healthier than that of the UK as a whole and that an Independent Scotland will be a wealthy country. 

Why an Independent Scotland could become the richest country on earth The Independent

Where does Scotland's wealth go? by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

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Credit Agency says Scotland will have AAA credit rating. YES International

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" If its geographic share of UK oil and gas output is taken into account, Scotland's GDP per head is bigger than that of France. Even excluding the North Sea's hydrocarbon bounty, per capita GDP is higher than that of Italy. Oil, whisky and a broad range of manufactured goods mean an independent Scotland would be one of the world's top 35 exporters....."


The Economic Case for an Independent Scotland, Ivan McKee from Business for Scotland



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GERS Report

GERS is the Government Expenditure and Revenue Report produced yearly by Independent Government analysts and is accepted by both the Scottish Government and the UK Government as being the best indicator of Scotland's financial position.  See the following articles;

GERS report shows Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett talking to Newsnet Scotland 26/02/2011.  Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett is a world class economist who divides his time between George Mason University in Virginia and St Andrews.

Gers between the lines by Scott Minto

Analysis of GERS figures by Brian Taylor Scottish Political Correspondent at the BBC 23/10/2010. 

Our recovery just got better Scottish Economy Watch 01/02/2013

Report shows Scotland in better shape than the UK Newsnet Scotland 08/03/2012 


McCrone Report

The McCrone report was commissioned in the 1974 by the UK government to look into the economic viability of an Independent Scotland.  The findings were to staggering and so explosive that the Government classified the document as Secret, and it only came to light after a Freedom Of Information request made by the SNP 30 years later. 

You might think that this would have been all over the papers and the broadcast news, however, there was a noticeable blackout in the media, and the article below by the Independent is one of the very few articles to be found about it.

How black gold was hijacked; North Sea oil and the betrayal of Scotland The Independent 09/12/2005. 

.......An independent Scotland's budget surpluses as a result of the oil boom, wrote Professor McCrone, would be so large as to be "embarrassing........

.......The country would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing degree...........

........Scotland's currency would 'become the hardest in Europe, with the exception perhaps of the Norwegian Kronor.'  From being poorer than their southern neighbours, Scots would quite possibly become richer. Scotland would be in a position to lend heavily to England and "this situation could last for a very long time into the future."...........


The McCrone Report - An embarrassment of riches This is a pdf leaflet summarising the McCrone report.  It was created by Sunny Scotland.

On Oil of Scotland, you can find the original and full McCrone Report downloadable as a pdf.


Two short videos about the McCrone Report;




Secrets and Lies Part 1 - This is a compilation of extracts from various documentaries which have been shown on the BBC Scotland, STV and BBC Alba.  Below this are two of the original programs from which the extracts came, Diomhair Part 1, in Gaelic with subtitles, but very worth watching, and then Truth, Lies, Oil and Scotland Part 1 .  If you are interested in watching the other parts, they can be found on Youtube.