Interesting and relevant videos

We seek a country



Top 10 Unionist Myths debunked - a must watch video, taking a humorous but honest look at all the scaremongering ideas perpetuated by the media.


Two Futures - which one will you go for?  This short video cannot be watched without seeing the exciting potential and possibilities of an Independent Scotland.


Nicola Sturgeon's speech in St. Andrews January 2014, Independence can transform Scotland, see what we could do with Independence which we can't do now.


An Englishman tells us why he changed his mind about an Independent Scotland, taken from a BBC radio broadcast.


Newsnight Scotland Independence debate 13th May 2013, very interesting debate as most of the audience are born in England but living in Scotland and mostly very supportive towards an Independent Scotland.  


Duncan Hamilton 'At least there is a positive case for Scottish Independence'.  Duncan Hamilton showing his debating skills and the positive arguments for Independence.


Craig Murray, former UK ambassador, speaking in Morningside, Edinburgh, on International issues.  Powerful words.



Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK, by world renowned economist, Andrew Hughes Hallett.



Does the BBC use propaganda and are they biased? A news report from Russia Today.


Blair Jenkins again, turning the argument on it's head.  If Scotland was already Independent, would you vote to join the British Union.  Watch this video and you may not be so sure.


Here is a very revealing and shocking 2 minute video on the McCrone report:



Secrets and Lies (Part 1)  very worth a watch, other parts to be found on Youtube.



The break up of Britain - this is a fascinating 25 minute documentary about what an Independent Scotland will mean for Britain.  Jim Devine, Pete Wishart and Jim Sillars commenting among others.


Truth, lies, oil and Scotland.  A very interesting documentary about Scotland's oil and what it means for an Independent Scotland.  Other parts to be found on Youtube.



Scottish oil - the manipuations and deceit of the UK to steal Scotland's natural resource


Diomhair - an excellent Gaelic documentary on Scotland's oil and the politics surrounding it.  Highlights how the value of Scotland's oil was covered up in order to stop the rise of Nationalism in Scotland.  In 6 parts, you will find the other parts on Youtube.


Alan Bissett talks about the future if we vote NO.  Scotland becomes less powerful and has less money to spend.



Economic Case for an Independent Scotland by Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland.