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Our pick, the top 5 sites to visit

Here are 5 fantastic websites which are vital for keeping up to date with the fast evolving Scottish political situation.  They all have a distinct way of looking at the issues, and are worth visiting regularly to read new articles. 


Up to date Scottish news stories relating to the Scottish politics and how the media work.  Many interesting, informative and inspiring articles shining the light of truth on the political spin coming from Westminster.  Quite openly Pro-Independence, this site will open your eyes.


Wings over Scotland specialises in debunking the half-truths and misinformation which is thrown at the unsuspecting Scottish public daily through our Mainstream Media (MSM).  There are also some very inspiring and insightful articles and the site also has comedy value at times.  The comments below the articles are often well worth reading.  This site is fast becoming a daily must-read site.


Bella is a firm favourite for thoughtful and insightful thinking.  Not so much a news site, but regular articles and blogs which give food for thought.  Many different contributors and different styles of writing.  Well worth a visit.


Scot goes pop is a very prolific blogger on all things political relating to Scotland.  Openly pro-independence, he also provides great analysis of opinion polls both in Scotland and across the UK plus commentary on UK politics as it relates to Scotland.  Very entertaining read and has been voted one of the UK's top 100 political blogs.


This group started out with the intention of engaging other business people with the positive advantages of Scottish Independence from a business point of view. However, their articles are so informative, in-depth and accessible, that the website has become invaluable for information, especially with regard to the economic and financial arguments.


More Blogs 

Some more excellent blogs discussing the potential and possibilities of an Independent Scotland.

Derek Bateman - ex BBC Scotland presenter and great advocate for Independence 

PhoenixRising - great insight from the blogger who used to be AuldAquaintance

Minguin's Republic - Good visual images and sometimes lighthearted  

Wee Ginger Dug - always entertaining, quirky and humourous look at daily political stories 

Indyref2 - Blogs by Peter A Bell and GAPonsonby, always current

Witterings of a Weegiewarbler - another fascinating female blogger

Thoughtland by Pat Kane - Pat Kane of Hue and Cry

Lallands Peat Worrier - free floating, quasi-intellectual.  Blogs often leaning towards Law.

Labour Hame - A Labour and pro-Unionist blog

Better Nation - Work as if you live in the early days of a better Nation



There are some other interesting groups around campaigning for an Independent Scotland.

NationalYesRegistry - A network of the existing YES campaign groups from the referendum 

AyeMail - for distribution, design and printing

Indy Poster Boy - Creating great designs for distribution, posters, postcards and stickers

Women for Independence - Women working together to bring positive change

Radical Independence - Another Scotland is possible

The Reid Foundation - Voices from the left, in memory of Jimmy Reid


And lastly check out BBC Scotlandshire - a satirical look Scotland's political stories.