What can a YES vote bring me?

A YES vote is a vote to revitalise our country, modernise our relationship with the rest of the UK and take our place as an equal Nation among the other Nations of the world.

Real Democracy for Scotland and England/Wales.

Since 1979 there have been 8 UK Government elections, and Scotland got the Government it voted for only 3 times.  With Independence, Scotland will always get the Government it votes for, and England and Wales will not have Scottish MPs voting on matters which do not apply to Scotland..

Real power held by the people of Scotland

How important are your wishes to Westminster if you are only one in sixty five million?  Compare this to an Independent Scotland where you will be one in five and a half million.  Put simply your wishes will be twelve times more important to the Government of an Independent Scotland.  Real decision making will be done by the people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland, because our vote will have 12 times more power than at present due to our smaller population.  The Scottish Parliament with its Proportional Representation always give us a Government very close to our collective democratic wishes, unlike the first-past-the-post system used at Westminster.

Releasing our potential to create a better society

Far too much of Scotland has had its spirit broken for a long time now.  Many urban areas and even some more rural areas are devoid of direction and optimism.  People have no dream, they have lost their hope and confidence and for the last long time life has been an existence.  Vote YES and vote for change, big change, and we will have the means and the passion to turn things round.  There is untapped potential in the people of our country which can be nurtured and energised to achieve great things.  With a Government which puts Scotland's needs first and has control over all its financial levers we can invest in our people and release Scotland's potential to create a successful country and a proud nation.  Vote YES for change or vote NO for nothing.

Scotland will be top priority of our Government

A YES vote will give the people of Scotland the power to elect a Government which will endeavour to do its best for Scotland with every single decision it makes.  There will be no hidden agenda (orders from London) within any party in an Independent Scottish Government and no individuals in London to bow and scrape to.  Decisions will be made with the sole objective of achieving the best outcome for our people and our country.  In Europe our interests e.g. fishing, farming or any other, will not be traded off against benefits accrued by other more important parts of the UK. 

At Westminster, Scotland can never be top priority, but within an Independent country all Scotland's issues could be tackled fully.  At an International level we could negotiate our own deals and take care of our own issues with Scotland as top priority.  Westminster cannot do this.

A listening and responsive Government

Unlike Westminster which seems remote and out of touch with day to day life in Scotland, our Parliament will be close to home, our politicians more easily contactable and the decision making of Government more flexible and responsive as a result.

A peaceful Nation

Westminster likes to see itself as a big player on the world stage.  But this comes at a cost.  We get involved in overseas conflicts that are really nothing to do with us and cost exorbitant amounts of money.  Quite often we don't even know why we are involved.  An Independent Scotland will be fully prepared to defend itself and take an active role in peace keeping operations where ever needed but jumping to the military agenda of other powers will not be our way.  Scotland could be a small peaceful member of the International community, with top priority given to domestic affairs and making Scotland a great and fair place to live.

A WMD free nation

No more spending vast sums of money we don't have, in order to build weapons of mass destruction, when at home people are struggling with day to day living.  We can focus our money, energy and imagination on making Scotland a better place and get trident out of the Clyde.

A fairer and more equal society

Britain is currently sitting at 4th most unequal country in the developed world, and it is heading up towards 3rd place at the moment.  Within the Union we can see what the future holds.  As an Independent country, with different priorities to those of Westminster, access to our own tax revenues and income, and a more accountable and proportional Government representation, we can tackle Scotland's problems and start to build a fairer and more equal society.

Rewards for economic success

At present if Scotland's government is successful in building our economy, the rewards for that success in terms of tax revenue go straight to London.  It is then up to Westminster how much money we get back as a block grant.  If Scotland is an Independent country, our Government will raise and spend it's own money therefore it will have a huge incentive to make the economy of Scotland a success, help create jobs and investment, and make Scotland a better place to live and work.

A more proactive and creative society

In its short life, the Scottish Parliament has created a buzz, and online and in meeting places a new culture of ideas and creativity is springing up.  The potential for our new Independent country has captured the imagination of many, and much time, effort and energy are being expended exploring all the possibilities for the future that an Independent Scotland will bring.  If we vote YES, the levels of motivation and energy will increase immensely and our society will become far more proactive in creating a better future for Scotland.

A strong cultural identity

Scotland already has a strong cultural identity but this will have greater resonance and significance if we take control of all our own affairs and become a normal and Independent country.  With the light shining more clearly on our own past and our own people, wherever they are from, we will make some amazing discoveries about this little country and have a greater and stronger role to play Internationally within the family of Nations.

A Constitution written by those of us living in Scotland

The UK is unusual as it does not have it's own constitution.  The Scottish Government has proposed that if we vote YES then we will collectively build a new Scottish constitution outlining our rights as individuals in our new country.  This constitution will be put together by all individuals and interested groups within Scotland.  This is a unique and hugely important issue.  It would mean we could all be involved in creating the type of country we want to live in.