Why get excited about a YES vote?


We have found ourselves at a point in history where we can peacefully and democratically choose to create a new and dynamic country with a new and modern constitution.

How many countries have ever had such an amazing opportunity?

This is a hugely exciting and fascinating prospect.  The Scottish Government has already laid out in the white paper, that with a YES vote, a new constitution will be created just as in Iceland recently, by the people for the people, with everyone's contribution welcome. 

Just imagine for a moment what this means!

  • We can enshrine human rights into our constitution.
  • We can build a country of fairness and equality, where everyone has entitlements eg. good quality housing, free education.
  • We can be imaginative with our education system and choose policies which enable young people to reach their potential.
  • We can attract jobs and investment with the economic levers we will have, not to mention the jobs which will be created in Scotland due to our newly rediscovered International status.
  • We can build a better, more dynamic and less divided society, tackling the high poverty levels and deprivation which blight our inner cities and some rural areas, by redistributing wealth and creating more opportunity.

The most important thing is that Independence gives us CHOICE! 

Scotland's economy is actually doing very well at the moment and according to some sources, has been doing better than that of the UK for many years.  However devolution has its limitations as tax generated does not return to the Scottish Parliament (see the example below) and we have no control over the amount of money we are given to spend by Westminster. 

With Independence however, we will have control over where we raise AND spend our money (currently we only have spending power).  This means we can really transform our society and build the country we would like to live in and leave for our children.




Already the devolved Scottish Government has made different choices from that of the UK as a whole and many of these have been redistributive, with the aim of spreading benefits to everyone, not just the few. 

Our NHS, our water, our fire service, and our police, are still in public hands, unlike England and Wales where these are being or have been privatised.  We still have a free education system without tuition fees.  However, right now, a £4 billion cut in Scotland's grant is being considered by the UK government for after a NO vote, and the Barnett formula is likely to be scrapped.  As a result, the policies of England and Wales, such as tuition fees, privatised NHS etc. will end up being implemented in Scotland too due to lack of funds, and lack of ability to raise our own taxes.

We have some concern that the debate taking place on BBC, STV and in our newspapers has so far been less balanced and less honest than it should be.  With this in mind, we have built this website to raise awareness of all the amazing and creative people, possibilities and outcomes we can have if we choose to vote YES.