Answers about Scotland's relationship with Europe



The threat that Scotland might be thrown out of Europe has been one of the main scare stories used by the Bettertogether campaign.  The real facts, however, show otherwise.  Scotland has been part of Europe since the beginning, and not just Scotland, but Scottish citizens.  There is no mechanism for throwing EU citizens out of Europe.  If, on the day Scotland becomes Independent, in March 2016, we are no longer in Europe, this would mean that all EU citizens in Scotland would be here illegally and would have to go home, and all Scottish citizens across Europe would be there illegally and would have to come home.  This is not going to happen, it is not in Europe's interest to throw countries out of Europe. 

We already meet all the criteria for EU membership, so the Scottish Government's proposal to negotiate their membership as an Independent country, in the 18 months between the referendum and the date of Independence is perfectly feasible.  We would not be forced to join the Euro as to do this, you must peg your currently to the Euro for 2 years, and with our currency continuing to be Sterling, this will not happen.


Stop Insulting our intelligence on Scotland's EU membership by Murray Ritchie

"The politics of denial is in full swing now in the independence debate. The latest example is the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, who says if Scotland votes for independence it will be kicked out of the EU. "This is a fact. It's neither a value judgment nor an opinion," he insists while looking over his shoulder at those contrary Catalans and bolshy Basques.......

It just won't happen. Spain's threat to veto Scottish membership after a deal is struck on Scotland's terms of membership is a ridiculous bluff.   Which is why Rajoy refuses to promise a veto.  He knows the EU which is based on respect for peace and democracy cannot punish its own people for exercising democracy peacefully while wishing to remain EU citizens with much to bring to the club. The politics of the debate overwhelm any knotty detail......"


NO Campaign EU membership myth falls apart by Michael Gray

"Last week saw a landmark intervention by Michael Moore MP, until recently the Secretary of State for Scotland and one of the leaders of the No Campaign. He stated that Scotland's participation in the European Union would be supported by all member states.

Moore said that he saw "no reason to believe that any country around Europe would have an in-principal objection to any new Member State coming forward". This interview, given by Michael Moore to the Catalan News Agency, took place just weeks after he was sacked by David Cameron and Nick Clegg........"


Spain promises non-interference on Scotland The Financial Times

"Spain has no intention of interfering in Scotland's push for independence and is willing to consider an eventual Scottish application to join the EU as a separate state, the foreign minister said in remarks that will bolster the nationalist campaign......"

(Unfortunately this article is behind a paywall, but the fact that the very respected Financial Times is reporting this is very important and discredits the NO campaign's assertion that Spain will block Scotland remaining in the EU.)


As Scotland mulls Independence a stupid London plays dirty 

"Instead of letting the Scottish voters make a reasoned and unpressured decision, the London establishment has increasingly been playing it dirty. As the Irish economics commentator David McWilliams has pointed out, London’s “bully-boy” tactics have been so clumsy that they may backfire.

The latest development is that, in a statement almost certainly inspired by London, European Commission President Jose Barroso has opined that it would be “extremely difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to join the European Union (EU).
Is this the same EU that so lately rolled out the red carpet to countless new members in the remotest parts of Eastern Europe?"


The foreign policy implications of and for an Independent Scotland by Graham Avery

"Graham Avery, Senior Member of St. Antony's College, Oxford University, Senior Adviser at the European Policy Centre, Brussels, and Honorary Director-General of the European Commission

1. The object of this note is to clarify the procedure by which, following a referendum in which the Scottish people vote in favour of independence, Scotland could become a member of the European Union. Although the note touches on wider issues such as the terms of Scotland's membership and the attitude of the EU member states and institutions, it focuses on the question of the procedure for Scotland's accession.

2. In the debate on Scottish independence it is natural that opponents tend to exaggerate the difficulties of EU membership, while proponents tend to minimise them. This note tries to address the subject as objectively as possible. In summary it argues that:

· Arrangements for Scotland's EU membership would need to be in place simultaneously with independence

· Scotland's 5 million people, having been members of the EU for 40 years; have acquired rights as European citizens

· For practical and political reasons they could not be asked to leave the EU and apply for readmission......."



Une Ecosse Independants A French Legal View by Wee Ginger Dug

"Earlier this week, a renowned expert in EU law published a paper arguing that it is in the interests of the EU to negotiate with the Scottish government following a yes vote, in order to ensure a smooth transistion into EU membership for an independent Scotland.  Naturally the news was absent from the Scottish media, which only publishes information relevant to the debate on independence if it comes in a press release from Better Together covered in scary Halloween stickers....

Yves Gounin, formerly chief of staff to the French minister for European Affairs, wrote the article for the respected French journal Politique Étrangère.  Gounin is currently a Conseiller d'État, a member of the legal body providing official legal advice to the French Government so his views carry some considerable weight......"